Altar Hat-Small
Altar Hat-Small
Altar Hat-Small

Altar Hat-Small

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Altar Hats- Walk in spirit. Your sacred object, Clearing your field from the Distractions. Wear tall or make it your own by changing and pushing in the top, as shown.

  • 8" Raffia hat
  • You can style, and adjust by pushing in the top
  • Available in Small, Medium and Large
  • All hats are made to order, please allow four weeks before shipping.
  • Made in New York City

STORY of Creation:

Intended to cherish as a sacred object, keep on your altar and use in the personal spiritual practice.

Altar hat is used to focus and direct the energy, to be a vehicle of a deeper connection.

It is an object intended to be at your altar, to connect and harness the energy of your intention, to aid and deepen your spiritual practice.

This hat with no brim shows your face. It opens you up, and underlines your intention. It says I am here, ready and available to receive my life’s purpose. I am ready and willing follow in steps of my daily dedication. There is no hiding.

The way these hats are sewn, in one continuous spiral following down from the top of the crown chakra, they descend and distribute the connection with the spirit down into our physical being.