AI Selfies- New tool to remember and reclaim our true nature

AI Selfies- New tool to remember and reclaim our true nature

Yes, I am into it too. This current fad of plugging into the AI generated new realities of self. And I am here to say, this is not entertainment. Please don't just use it like that, take a full advantage of what it actually has to offer, and below is how I see that it can.

This is our new tool to remember and reclaim our true nature. This is our new way to collect, reabsorb and embody once again particles of our forgotten self.

In shamanic culture, there is a healing practice called Soul Retrieval, where a community member who carries sickness in his/her body or soul, either physical or psychological is treated by going through a ritual of inviting back and collecting all dismembered parts of themselves. When we disperse parts of ourselves, especially for the reasons of shame, guilt and pain we fall into a sickness that sometimes can’t be seen but can surely be felt.

We also leave a little piece of ourselves every time we fall in love, have sex and invest ourselves into something and somebody. We often don't take these parts back with ourselves when we leave a place, a project, or people. All this dispersing of ourselves creates scars and vacancies in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. This is happening to us not only in this lifetime, we carry the imprint of the other lifetimes lived through our ancestral lineages, recorded now in our DNA that we are experiencing in the present moment, not even knowing why.

In the shamanic culture they have and use this type of ritual, but in the Western culture we never do. We do go to therapy, but its limited scope of considerations never really touches our Soul.

So, here we are, connecting on social media, sharing our thoughts and favorite proverbs. We are doing our best to show up and connect. We hope to weave a story of remembering, but this space is so dispersed that is not a fertile ground for facilitating that process and change. We need circles and containers for that inquiry and sharing, but even more so, we first need to take a deep look into ourselves.

One of those vehicles, I believe, is looking at the portraits/recordings of ourselves. That is why I am pro selfies, whether they are posted, or just kept on the phone. They have been done through the history of artistic practice, before cameras and phones, the old fashion way with a pencil at hand.

Now we are stepping even further.

AI generated portraits are our opportunity to look into the mirror and see the reflection of something we haven't seen before.

All the things that once belonged to the character in our favorite book and movie, trapped into the limited space of someone else's creative output, it is ours now. You are a forest fairy, feminine and fierce, gentle yet strong, deep knowing and love for nature emitting from your eyes. You can probably speak to the animals and hear the whispers of the wind. You are the warrior goddess sitting still in your focused precision.

This is a tool that gives us an opportunity to reflect upon other versions of ourselves not only when we put a costume on for some institutionalized yearly holiday of weirdness like Halloween.

This is a tool that takes us beyond our binge watching of the mystical stories of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones with a longing that we can’t fully describe.

This is a tool that allows us to see ourselves as such- as that one we’ve been waiting for; to reclaim and bring into our immediate experience something that was co-opted and put into the aTV box- separate from us, from our body, from our felt sense of self.

We are the magic we seek.

We are the magic we see on TV. You are the Queen of Dragons. You can fly. You can move mountains. You can speak to the animals. You can commune with water, fire, earth and air. You can create worlds. You yourself move through the Multiverse. Quantum field is your home.

This is the same tool as the oracle cards we pull to see what energy wants to speak to us and guide us in any given time. This is our Tarot, our I-Ching, our Animal Deck. Through this reflection we realize that we are a cauldron of all these energies moving together. It is us who decide with how much magic from the unseen, but felt, we step into our day, into our life.

This is yet another opportunity to recognize why we are all just into this trend so quickly all together. It is not to entertain. It is to remember.

And I want to tell you, take a step further to ask why does this feel so good? What parts of this speak to my true nature never felt before?

And then go even further to ask, how does this reflect onto my day, and into my life? What can I do to show up in my true nature more? What are my own winks and clues for myself to remember?

How do I embody and practice this new found place of magic? How do I soften into my crown of wild flowers and know that I am always that.

I don't have to wear the crown, and no one needs to see my change. But it will emanate from me and be fully felt.

I would invite you to try this as an exercise of self inquiry:

As you look at yourself in the mirror, or look at the images created with AI, take a moment to see it all as clues that can lead you to your deep inner truth.

What feels right? What feels fun? What are the answers to your deep longing? What are your deep wishes and loves you have about yourself?

Reclaim your power by reclaiming yourself. Words we say to ourselves are the energies that create our world:

I now embrace all the facets of my ever changing self. I observe, guide and nurture all that is coming forward from within me through all the lives and all the timelines. It is time for me to see and feel, that which I already know:

"I am all present, all connected, all expansive energy wave traveling through space and time in the signature resonance of Love that is just meant to be. And so it is. Aho."

Sending love, xo Jovana

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