stacking & layering

A UNIVERSAL TRUTH - "It's just not that complicated!"

Slice and Crescent rings are designed to be mixed, matched, stacked, and layered, encouraging you to build a collection over time. The intention is to add rings to mark life’s milestones and phases of growth and inner transformation.

“The ART OF STACKING and layering rings weaves our life's story. EACH RING ADDS DEPTH AND MEANING to the narrative.” - Jovana

Let's get into it

There is no right or wrong way to begin the process, or to add to a stack, or to layer rings over multiple fingers. There is just YOUR way!

Here is how I recommend to start your journey.

How to create ring stacks

Slice Stacks:

An easy place to start.

  • Same length rings (2 XS Slices)
  • Same length rings (3 XS Slices)
  • Same length rings (4 XS Slices)
  • Graduating lengths (2 Slices - S, M)
  • Graduating lengths (3 Slices - XS, S, M)

Crescent Stacks:

These rings stack well in pairs and offer great volume.

  • Same size (2 S Crescents )
  • Varying size (2 Crescents - S, M)

Alchemy Stacks:

This is what I call Slice and Crescent Combinations. This is where you can mix and match your rings.

  • Similar length (M Crescent + S Slice)
  • Varying size & length combinations (M Crescent, M Slice, S Crescent)
  • Varying size & length combinations (M Crescent, M Slice, S Crescent, S Slice)

Layer Stacks:

Where the radical you emerges and you tap into your core primordial power! Rings can be worn spread out over multiple fingers, nestled and layered within each other.

  • Adding length (L, XL, XXL Slices)
  • Adding Volume (Origin Rings)


I Love mixing my metals, especially when layering!

Mixing different colors of 18K Gold with Sterling Silver, and Gold Bronze can create a dynamic and versatile stack perfect for any occasion. Not only does mixing metals add visual interest, but it is also a budget-friendly way to add more rings to a stack or layered look.



Sometimes we need a helping hand and some guidance along the way. Schedule a virtual styling session with me, and let's co-create a stack that feels right for you!

understanding my stacking rings