About my stacking rings...

Knowledge is Power, so let's begin!

Origin rings, Slice rings, and Crescent, rings speak of movement reminiscent of nature’s principles of expansion and growth. They offer a unique language designed to be mixed and matched and worn in various combinations; stacked, layered and embodied to suit your style.

All rings should face toward the pinky so that they drape over the adjacent fingers and move with hand gestures.


The thinnest and most versatile stacking pieces of my collection. Originally thought of as Slices of my heart, these rings come in 6 lengths, and are offered in 3 metals; 18K Gold, Sterling Silver, and Gold Bronze for the XL + XXL. The rings are available with varying stone treatments and colors to further customize your stack.

meaning & mantra

  • XSmall Slice Ring stands for our core Essence. Mantra: “I know who I am. I know why I am”
  • Small Slice Ring stands for Tenacity. Mantra: “I look forward to Change”
  • Medium Slice Ring stands for Strength. Mantra: “Resilience is my true nature”
  • Large Slice Ring stands for Curiosity. Mantra: “I expand and grow with every choice I make”
  • Extra Large Slice Ring stands for Courage. Mantra: “The Unknown is my comfort zone”
  • XXL Slice Ring stands for Freedom. Mantra: “I fly therefore I am”


More voluminous than Slices, Crescent rings present a different sculptural perspective onto stacking. These rings come in 3 lengths, are offered in 2 metals; 18K Gold and Sterling Silver, The rings are also available with varying stone colors and treatments.

meaning & mantra

  • Small Crescent embodies the Emergence of our Soul. Mantra: “Here I am. I belong here”
  • Medium Crescent embodies the Emergence of our Oneness. Mantra: “I am one with the Universe”
  • Large Crescent embodies the emergence of LOVE. Mantra “I know who I am. I know why I am”

Origin Rings

Statement pieces onto themselves, these are the original pieces of my namesake collection. They were designed to declutter the hand and to be fully felt in the body. These rings come in 4 Lengths, and are offered in 2 metals; Gold Bronze and Sterling Silver. 

Ring Differentiation

From the thin Slice rings and more voluminous Crescent rings, to the sculptural Origin rings, these pieces offer unmatched versatility for the creation of bespoke stacks that evolve and grow over time.

now it's time to build a stack