Jovana Djuric Jewelry

Jovana Djuric seated wearing her signature Horus rings and Embracer cuff bracelets
EST. 2014

Sculptural, Sensual and Spiritual, Jovana Djuric pieces are wearable works of art that awaken with the body and amplify the beauty of its movement and expression.  Stemming from her early fascination with brutalist architecture and sculpture, The brand speaks to radical truth, radical beauty and radical self awareness. 

Evocative of our inner power, the refined forms are an expression of love, movement and change —ultimately giving Shape to Freedom. They seek to connect with the ancient technologies and tap into the inner alchemies of transformation left to us in the artifacts from Ancient Egypt. Her process is not one of style revival but one of the distillation of the Egyptian forms, especially that of the god Horus represented in the form of the falcon. She seeks to bring forward the essence of the knowledge still residing in the subtle fields not yet visible to our bare eye. 

She sees her jewelry as a landing pad for meditative exploration and an invitation to journey within, expand, deepen and ground our awareness. It is the Awareness of our body and gestures that brings us to our inner self. We awaken our alluring, empowered and emboldened self, and ultimately allow power we carry to arise from within. 

Her  jewelry is not intended as ornament, it serves as a Vehicle of Change. It is a Vehicle of Change. It is a recollection of our Core Primordial Self. 

When you start the journey with our Collection, you start the journey back to yourself. These are the allies and reminders of who you are: Powerful, Present, Connected to your Authentic Self, Resilient and Monumental, and ultimately free to offer and receive Love.