Manifesting Love into Horus rings

Manifesting Love into Horus rings

There was a moment in time, years ago, when I realized that I could no longer suppress the need to pour all of my time, love and energy into something that I was truly essential to my being.
In 2014, I decided to part with my corporate path, one where I had the opportunity to work and design alongside amazing people and brands, but where I had to play small and conform to the limited corporate understanding of what it was that customers would love and appreciate. Parameters only interested in and defined by the bottom line. Parameters that were choking my sense of freedom and love that I was feeling inside of me. I felt bored and utterly underutilized. I had to set aside, downplay and hide my essence of being an artist in full devotion, one that was getting up before 6am to work at my home bench then go to my studio after working hours. 
So in the Spring of 2014, I took a leap of faith. I just felt a truth that was impossible to hide. It was as if a beautiful child, with her bright eyes full of tears, and a Warrior Goddess, perched upon her horse were both burning with the impatience for a change to be made.
There was a journey waiting for me, one that would have my heart as a guide, leading me to the edge of my comfort zone. One that would test the knowing of myself, and one that would prove to be an agent of expansion in so many personal ways. One that would invite me to have faith in a positive outcome deep within my bones. One that would connect me with the truth of my being and allow me to connect with others in more meaningful ways than ever before.
When the moment came, without me even fully knowing it, I sat down at my jewelry bench and started carving a ring. I wasn't thinking about what I was going to make, I didn’t  set out to create what was missing in the retail space, or what was trending; I was simply witnessing my hand and my file moving on their own. Out came Hours Origin No.1

The ring was larger than the pieces I usually made, and a piece that so many of my friends said "was so big." For a second there I also thought that the ring was big, but in truth, I realized  that it wasn't big enough, and I had a feeling that the story wasn’t even finished. I had a feeling that it wanted to expand and grow. I sat down again and cut a new slab of green wax, where I started to carve again. What came out was the Horus Origin No.2, then No.3 and No.4. 

Horus rings came from this deep knowing that there is always growth to be made, and that there is only the organic culmination of growth; one that should not be terminated before its time. Horus rings came from this intention to align with the growth that stems from every gesture we make. 

Horus rings represent forward movement, which in truth is guided by our Curiosity. Our curiosity, in turn, is the expression of our Life Force. Horus Origin rings are imbued with these notions, here to represent forward movement, and to remind us of what is most important: The personal power we hold within whether we are aware of it or not. The ultimate expression of our Life Force is our Sense of Freedom. When fully actualized and embodied, our Sense of Freedom becomes our ability to give and receive Love

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