Morning Practice

Morning Practice

Where we connect with our true essence and honor Divine within.

The morning practice ritual is tied in with the notion that Practice makes the Master, and we did it all our life. We woke up every single morning and went to school, we were constantly learning, absorbing, listening, being told what to do, rebelling and then listening again. And all along, even though we were enriching ourselves, we were marching to someone else's beat. 

Our own morning practice is this sliver in time where we consciously turn towards ourselves - and where we discover what it is that we like, what soothes us and suits us; and we commit to doing it all the time.

The practices we do in the Morning Ritual are geared towards quieting our mind, expanding our inner space and feeling the connection with something broader than ourselves.

There are many guides and methods out there that we can learn from, and that only speaks to the vast and expansive field of Self yet to be discovered. I am going to share mine with you, an amalgam of many many years of being committed to learning from others while keenly listening to what it is that I love

My favorite thing to do in the morning, or how I start my morning:

As soon as I wake up I go to my dedicated spot, my meditation and sound room, where I have my altar, my notebooks, my instruments and incense. There I first light a candle for the benefit of all the Sentient beings.

By doing so, I open and expand my heart and pour all the love and kindness I have in me for everyone to feel the blessings. I then say a simple prayer of gratitude. 

“Thank you to all my teachers and guides, known and unknown who brought me here.”

I then sit in meditation and just let myself be there. Thoughts and sounds from the outside world come and go and they most often don't affect my stillness. As I sit in the quiet moment, not seeking to engage with any outside stimuli, I allow my inner world to unfold. Insights and creative thoughts pour in through images and ideas, and sometimes I take my notebook and write them down.

This ritual is one of the most important ways to fuel my sense of self, the health of my inner being, and all the projects that I commit myself to.

If you need a nudge or some ideas:

This space and time we carve out for ourselves can take so many different shapes and forms, and none is wrong, and each one is right. If it feels right to you.

Take as short as 30 seconds for yourself by staying longer in bed, stretching, loving every bit of it, and look forward to the great day ahead. 

Sit with a cup of coffee and notice that it is warm and soothing every time you take a sip. 

Your motivational spin class or workout regimen are your spiritual practice as well. Take a moment after all that hard work and sweat to say, “This feels sooo good”

Sit down in meditation and simply close your eyes for 3, 7, 11 or 21 minutes. 

Open a notebook and write down the answer to the question: What is important for me now? And then when done, spring into action to leave a mark-even if it's just giving the world a smile. :)

Some of the most impactful things we do in our life are for ourselves, which no one else needs to see.

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