Jovana Djuric is a Serbian-born artist and jewelry designer based in New York City and Tulum, Mexico. The birth and realization of her brand is an extension of a life dedicated to beauty and art. Her designs are a response to a chaotic, cluttered world where she seeks to loosen the grip of conditioning and broaden your consciousness with her refined forms. All of her work is  envisioned, rendered and sculpted by her hand. She believes that our hands are our tools for self realization and healing and that they remain underutilized in the world we live in. Djuric comes with a long experience in jewelry design and spiritual healing practices. Trained in traditional sculpture at the University of Art in Belgrade and jewelry techniques at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Djuric cites artists Louise Bourgeois, Constantin Brancusi, and Auguste Rodin as her primary influences. As a healing practitioner, Djuric connects mind and body through sound and primordial holistic healing practices associated with mother earth and a reverence for ancient cultures.